Monday, December 28, 2015

Blog's 2nd Anniversary - And The Second Year Sailed By !

Just as effortless as it could be, the second year for the Blog simply sailed by !

As new learnings await their share, some golden moments of the second year also hold their virtue.

The feeling of having a loving audience as you is simply wonderful. Thanks !

The Year In Vignettes !

Some blog contests won, (check the Accolades section) !, An affiliate program was approved and loads of motivating responses from the readers.

Keep Dropping By.

This Blog is all about your affection !

Travel For Soul. Simply Travel !!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Travel Forum or Travel Blog : WHAT works and WHEN ?

Glancing through my travel folder on the laptop, I suddenly realized that there had been a lot of background research that had undergone in my trip to Italy and later to Prague. As a corollary, it was realized that the sources for these information could either be classified in those collected from travel forums like Wikitravel, Tripadvisor, Fodors etc. and the others those from the travel blogs.  Just a few days back, one of my readers had queried about the perennial questions travelers across  the world face !

When it comes to planning a trip,

what works ?

Travel Forum or a Travel Blog
and importantly, 
When  to use a Travel Forum and when a Travel Blog?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Unwind our 'Dosti', 'Samajhdari' with 'Bachpan' and 'Masti' with learning bhi !!

[The post is a submission towards the entry for 'Khuljayee Bachpan' contest through coordination of   Kellogg's Chocos ( and Indiblogger.] 

My son began showing some withdrawal symptoms, then I realized that a great bonding could work as effective for him, as it did it for me !!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Digital India through E-Governance

E-Governance, Click. Digital India, Done.

Thanks to the path-breaking e-governance project, Digital India, today our country is at cusp of a history using 'Technology' as an enabler. Digital India is an umbrella program of our government comprising projects of tune of massive Rs. 1 lakh crore aimed to transform India to a knowledge economy. It is estimated that 5 crore new jobs would be created through the project ! The mainstay of the program (that is due for completion by 2018) includes ensuring access to technology infrastructure and government services to citizens through digital empowerment of citizens.
Glorious Opportunity - Digital India
The scale of investments in this nation building project and its potential to touch the lives of several millions of our fellow Indians, can best be achieved through a dynamic industry partnership. Intel, the world leaders in microprocessors, can indeed play a pivotal role. Intel's intention to participate in this grand project augurs great success for its completion. In the recent past Intel India has released an android based Digital Skills Training 'App' comprising of modules (that are available in 5 local languages) of:
Digital India : 'Appified'
  1. Digital Literacy, 
  2. Financial Inclusion and 
  3. Cleanliness. 
Interestingly Digital Literacy would provide a major thrust for E-governance, helping millions of Indians to realize their dreams while breaking away from shackles of a legacy of exploitation. It would also ensure accountability of the state with Indians realizing the power of their rights.

Financial Inclusion would also be an equally pivotal cornerstone, as millions of Indians are still outside the ambit of any formal financial framework. It is worthwhile to note that the recent government projects of 'Jan Dhan Yojana' would be perfectly complemented  by the app's emphasis.

The third pillar of the Digital Skills Training App is that of cleanliness which also resonates the 'Swach Bharat Abhiyan' of the government. In totality, this is a reflection of the shared vision of India and Intel.

Digital India's success would be achieved through enabling Internet across all the country, Intel, the global technology leaders, would be working closely with Bharat Broadband Network Ltd. for achieving the milestone of broadband highways.

India and Technology : Together with Innovation.

I'm sure that all of us would agree that one of the major factors to drive the dream of a Digital India would be through innovation. And in the same corollary, there can not be a better partner than Intel. Its expertise in Innovation would help us achieve the local solutions pertinent for issues that are characteristic of our country. Further, these issues also need to be addressed through innovative solutions. These may include problems that are particular to our rural hinterland, like illiteracy coupled with high penetration of teledensity.

Low Literacy, High Teledensity: Curious Case of India
Or may be cases that are coupled with behavioral issues like access to television content without access to basic health amenities. Community Radios that broadcast local content using broadband highways can be highly beneficial for individual communities with their unique characteristics.

Low cost smart phones designed for specific roles such as:
  1. Health, 
  2. Education, 
  3. Weather 
  4. Agriculture 
  5. Banking including credit etc.
These in turn could accelerate the pace of e-governance and in true sense a digitally enabled India.

The Digital Differentiation: Access and Timing.

Digital Differentiation: Access and Timing

The differentiating factor in this project, where perhaps others lacked could be the actual access at the last mile, once the project sees the light of the day. Considering the limited success in the past for the plans such as 'National E-Governance plan'. Another factor worth considering is arriving at the right locus of the technology life cycle, or in crude terms, the timing of the various phases of the project. Intel could well prove to be the perfect partner in this regard, by virtue of the Project implementation expertise and the execution of effectiveness and efficiency of the Project. Intel's 'Digital Skills for India Program' can celebrate the project with its target of training 5 million Indians for their digital skills.

The various components of Digital India, be it hardware, the license cost, software development life cycle have to be timed to reduce the cost of the project to the lowest extent possible, so that the minimal cost affects maximum scope of the project to bridge the digital gap, assuming static cost of the project.

Tablet and the Chalk : Long Bridge to Walk

The biggest winners of this champion cause would be the citizens of India who would gain accountability, transparency and above all an empowerment. Intel inside Digital India could be the deciding factor in the revolution's success.

The Tablet and the Chalk, With a Long Bridge to Walk,
To walk the Indian Divide, Innovation, ambition to chide,
Innovate with a class timing, To reap the benefits it bring,
Reap the project expertise, Digital India with Intel's eaze,
With Intel Inside, Digital India and its pride,
E-governance you would run, Digital India, a dream, would be done

Image(s) Courtesy : Google Images

The views expressed above are personal in nature are completely that of the blogger, and that of the blogger alone.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hello E(xcellence). Hello Moto.

The itch in my hand, to hold Moto E, the grand,
Led to my envious state, to say hello to my good fate,
For a phone that is really smart, perfect blend of science and art,
Together we could excel, with features to dwell,
Dwell the day and Dwell the night, with its functions of might,
Start with a feeling so profound, with no boundaries, no bound

The features if I list, with Moto E in my fist,
Processor Quad Core, suited for special and the chore,
Power of Battery for days, alike for the Haze and the Blaze,
Android and Lollipop,would chime best of zing and the Hop,
With a twist in the wrist, 'Quick Capture' to be camera in the fist,
Crisp sharp with its curves, would add zeal and the verves,
Its Corning Gorilla Glass, would save the damage, set the Class,
Eight GB Memory so large, with aplenty apps I could lead the charge,
And expandable it is, to suit alike substance and the fizz
Customized Accents to fit my style, day in and out to usher the smile
With fantastic Moto Display, would make it fun all the way
Technology of Sensor Hub, Would undoubtedly keep me in the elite club
Its Affordable Price, just makes it twice as nice

To start with Moto E, would be an experience to 'Be'
To be not just Alive, but to 'feel' and to 'thrive'!

Note : This was a contest entry.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Trip to Spain. Spain and Me - We Together !

This is the conversation, I as BJ had one night with my magical travel companion (SS).

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan , but also believe."   - Anatole France

BJ : Dear SS! I have the Dream and the Belief to go to Spain.

SS : No worries, I have the Plan and the Act. With our magical companionship, we'll sew the beauty and   intrigue of Spain with the Sweet Memories and great fun !! All set BJ ?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Charles Bridge, Prague - In the Night

The famed Prague Castle is adorned in lights in the backdrop of the Bridge. The hurriedness and the bustle of  the daytime on the bridge fades away rather rapidly. The night's calm complements the tranquility of the flowing Vltava beneath. In all the senses, Charles bridge at night gives you more than one reason to be yourself.

Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle
Photo Courtesy : here 

In many ways, Charles Bridge reinvents itself under the dark skies. The waves beneath the bridge adorn the sights of the pearls of lights on the famed Castle ahead.

The Lamp-posts of the bridge accentuate the magic of the Bridge as so does their glistened reflections flowing in the water beneath.

If you visit this post dusk but before it's too late, you could come across some shops around the bridge still open. The 'clearing sale' would aptly apply here. 

Charles Bridge : Splendor at Night
Photo Courtesy: here

I remember meeting an artist on the night that summed the moment perfectly:

 "Charles Bridge is a canvas as well as a painting in process. The Canvas is too large and the painting, perpetually incomplete. You add colors and strokes. for others to do on their own."

PS: The morning dawn would be the best time to visit the bridge.